Victor McLaglen

Born:  December 10, 1886, Tunbridge Wells, England.


1920:  The Call of the Road

1921:  Carnival, Corinthian Jack, The Prey of the Dragon, The Sport of Kings

1922:  The Glorious Adventure, A Romance of Old Baghdad, Little Brother of God, A Sailor Tramp, The Crimson Circle

1923:  The Romany, Heartstrings, Woman to Woman, M’Lord of the White Road, In The Blood

1924:  Women and Diamonds, The Passionate Adventure, The Gay Corinthian, The Beloved Brute

1925:  The Hunted Woman, Percy, The Unholy Three, Winds of Chance, The Fighting Heart

1926:  The Isle of Retribution, Men of Steel, Beau Geste, What Price Glory

1927:  The Loves of Carmen, Mother Machree

1928:  A Girl In Every Port, Hangman’s House, The River Pirate

1929:  Captain Lash, Strong Boy, The Black Watch, The Cock-Eyed World, Happy Days, Hot For Paris

1930:  On The Level, A Devil With Women

1931:  Dishonoured, Not Exactly Gentlemen, Women of All nations, Annabelle’s Affairs, Wicked

1932:  The Gay Caballero, Devil’s Lottery, While Paris Sleeps, Guilty As Hell, Rackety Rax

1933:  Hot Pepper, Laughing At Life

1934:  The Lost Patrol, No More Women, Wharf Angel, Dick Turpin, Murder At The Vanities, The Captain Hates The Sea

1935:  Under Pressure, The Great Hotel Murder, The Informer  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), Professional Soldier

1936:  Klondike Annie, Under Two Flags, Magnificent Brute

1937:  Sea Devils, Nancy Steele Is Missing, This Is My Affair, Wee Willie Winkie, Ali Baba Goes To Town

1938:  Battle of Broadway, The Devil’s Party, We’re Going To Be Rich

1939:  Pacific Liner, Gunga Din, Let Freedom Ring, Ex-Champ, Captain Fury, Full Confession, Rio, The Big Guy

1940:  South of Pago Pago, Diamond Frontier

1941:  Broadway Limited

1942:  Call Out The Marines, Powder Town, China Girl

1943:  Forever And A Day

1944:  Tampico, Roger Touhy Gangster, The Princess and the Pirate

1945:  Rough Tough And Ready, Love Honor and Goodbye

1946:  Whistle Stop

1947:  Calendar Girl, The Michigan Kid, The Foxes of Harrow

1948:  Fort Apache, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

1950:  Rio Grande

1952:  The Quiet Man  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1953:  Fair Wind To Java

1954:  Prince Valiant, Trouble In The Glen

1955:  Many Rivers To Cross, City of Shadows, Bengazi, Lady Godiva of Coventry

1956:  Around The World In 80 Days

1957:  The Abductors

1958:  The Italians They Are Crazy, Sea Fury


Died:  November 7, 1959, Newport Beach, California.