Vera Farmiga

Born:  August 6, 1973, Clifton, New Jersey.


1998:  Return to Paradise

2000:  The Opportunists, Autumn In New York

2001:  15 Minutes, Dust

2002:  Love In The Time of Money, Dummy

2004:  Down To the Bone, Mind The Gap, The Manchurian Candidate

2005:  Neverwas

2006:  Running Scared, Breaking and Entering, The Departed, The Hard Easy

2007:  The Devil’s Child, Never Forever

2008:  Quid Pro Quo, In Tranzit, The Boy In the Striped PyjamasNothing But The Truth

2009:  Orphan, Up In the Air  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), A Heavenly Vintage

2010:  Henry’s Crime

2011:  Higher Ground, Source Code

2012:  Goats, Safe House

2013:  At Middleton, The Conjuring

2014:  Closer To The Moon, The Judge

2016:  Special Correspondents, The Conjuring 2, Burn Your Maps

2018:  The Commuter, Boundaries, The Front Runner, The Nun, Skin

2019:  Captive State, Godzilla: King of the Monsters