Una Merkel

Born:  December 10, 1903, Covington, Kentucky.


1924:  The Fifth Horseman

1930:  Abraham Lincoln, The Eyes of the World, The Bat Whispers

1931:  Command Performance, Don’t Bet On Women, 6 Cylinder Love, The Maltese Falcon, Daddy Long Legs, The Bargain, Wicked, The Secret Witness, Private Lives

1932:  She Wanted A Millionaire, The Impatient Maiden, Man Wanted, Huddle, Red-Headed Woman, They Call It Sin, Men Are Such Fools

1933:  Whistling In The Dark, The Secret of Madame Blanche, 42nd Street, Clear All Wires!, Reunion In Vienna, Midnight Mary, Her First Mate, Broadway to Hollywood, Beauty For Sale, Bombshell, Day of Reckoning, The Women in His Life

1934:  This Side of Heaven, Murder In The Private Car, Paris Interlude, The Cat’s-Paw, Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back, Have A Heart, The Merry Widow, Evelyn Prentice

1935:  Biography of a Bachelor Girl, The Night Is Young, One New York Night, Baby Face Harrington, Murder In The Fleet, Broadway Melody of 1936, It’s In The Air

1936:  Riffraff, Speed, We Went To College, Born To Dance

1937:  Don’t Tell The Wife, Good Old Soak, Saratoga, Checkers, True Confession

1939:  Four Girls In White, Some Like It Hot, On Borrowed Time, Destry Rides Again

1940:  Comin’ Round The Mountain, Sandy Gets Her Man, The Bank Dick

1941:  Double Date, Road To Zanzibar, Cracked Nuts

1942:  The Mad Doctor Of Market Street, Twin Beds

1943:  This Is The Army

1944:  Sweethearts of the U.S.A.

1947:  It’s A Joke Son!

1948:  The Bride Goes Wild, The Man From Texas

1950:  Kill The Umpire, My Blue Heaven, Emergency Wedding

1951:  Rich Young and Pretty, A Millionaire For Christy, Golden Girl

1952:  With A Song In My Heart, The Merry Widow

1953:  I Love Melvin

1955:  The Kentuckian

1956:  The Kettles In The Ozarks, Bundle Of Joy

1957:  The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown

1958:  The Girl Most Likely

1959:  The Mating Game

1961:  The Parent Trap, Summer and Smoke  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1963:  Summer Magic

1964:  A Tiger Walks

1966:  Spinout


Died:  January 2, 1986, Los Angeles, California.