Tony Curtis

Born:  June 3, 1925, The Bronx, New York.


1949:  Criss Cross, City Across The River, The Lady Gambles, Take One False Step, Johnny Stool Pigeon

1950:  Francis, Woman In Hiding, I Was A Shoplifter, Sierra, Winchester ’73, Kansas Raiders

1951:  The Prince Who Was A Thief

1952:  Flesh and Fury, No Room For The Groom, Son of Ali Baba

1953:  Houdini, All American, Forbidden

1954:  Beachhead, Johnny Dark, The Black Shield of Falworth, So This Is Paris

1955:  Six Bridges To Cross, The Purple Mask, The Square Jungle

1956:  Trapeze, The Rawhide Years

1957:  Mister Cory, Sweet Smell of Success, The Midnight Story

1958:  The Vikings, Kings Go Forth, The Defiant Ones (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The Perfect Furlough

1959:  Some Like It Hot, Operation Petticoat

1960:  Who Was That Lady, The Rat Race, Spartacus, Pepe

1961:  The Great Impostor, The Outsider

1962:  Taras Bulba, 40 Pounds of Trouble

1963:  The List Of Adrian Messenger, Captain Newman MD

1964:  Paris When It Sizzles, Wild and Wonderful, Goodbye Charlie, Sex and the Single Girl

1965:  The Great Race, Boeing Boeing

1966:  Chamber of Horrors, Not With My Wife You Don’t, Arrivederci Baby

1967:  Don’t Make Waves, On My Way to The Crusades I Met A Girl Who

1968:  Rosemary’s Baby, The Boston Strangler

1969:  Those Daring Young Men In Their Jaunty Jalopies

1970:  You Can’t Win ‘Em All, Suppose They Gave A War and Nobody Came

1975:  Lepke

1976:   The Last Tycoon

1977:  Some Like It Cool, The Manitou

1978:  Sextette, The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

1979:  Title Shot

1980:  Little Miss Marker, It Rained All Night The Day I Left, The Mirror Crack’d

1982:  Black Commando, BrainWaves

1983:  Balboa

1984:  Where Is Parsifal?

1985:  Insignificance

1986:  Club Life, The Last of Philip Banter

1988:  Welcome To Germany

1989:  Lobster Man From Mars, Midnight, Walter & Carlo I Amerika

1991:  Prime Target

1992:  Center of the Web

1993:  Naked In New York, The Mummy Lives

1995:  The Immortals

1997:  Brittle Glory

1998:  Louis & Frank, Stargames

1999:  Play It To The Bone

2002:  Reflections of Evil

2008:  David & Fatima


Died:  September 29, 2010, Henderson, Nevada.