Tom Berenger

Born:  May 31, 1949, Chicago, Illinois.


1977:  The Sentinel, Looking for Mr. Goodbar

1978:  Rush It, In Praise of Older Women

1979:  Butch and Sundance: The Early Days

1980:  The Dogs of War

1982:  Beyond the Door

1983:  The Big Chill, Eddie and the Cruisers

1984:  Fear City

1985:  Rustlers’ Rhapsody

1986:  Platoon  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1987:  Someone To Watch Over Me

1988:  Deadly Pursuit, Betrayed, Last Rites

1989:  Major League, Born On The Fourth Of July

1990:  Love At Large, The Field

1991:  Shattered, At Play In the Fields of the Lord

1993:  Sniper, Sliver, Gettysburg

1994:  Major League II, Chasers

1995:  Last of the Dogmen

1996:  The Substitute, An Occasional Hell

1998:  The Gingerbread Man, Shadow of Doubt, A Murder Of Crows

1999:  Diplomatic Siege, One Man’s Hero, Turbulence II: Fear of Flying

2000:  Takedown

2001:  Training Day, The Hollywood Sign, True Blue, Watchtower

2002:  D-Tox

2007:  The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

2008:  Stiletto

2009:  The Hitman Diaries: Charlie Valentine, Breaking Point

2010:  Bad Cop, Inception, Faster

2011:  Last Will, Bucksville

2012:  War Flowers, Brake

2013:  Grounded

2014:  Bad Country, Doc Holliday’s Revenge, Lonesome Dove Church, Collection

2015:  Impact Earth