Timothy Bateson

Born:  April 3, 1926, London, England

Died:  September 15, 2009, London, England


1947:  The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

1948:  Vice Versa, The Outsider

1949:  The History of Mr. Polly

1951:  White Corridors

1954:  Court Martial

1955:  Richard III

1958: Tread Softly Stranger

1959:  Yesterday’s Enemy, The Mouse That Roared, Our Man In Havana, Devil’s Bait

1960:  The Shakedown, The Big Day, There Was A Crooked Man

1961:  Seven Keys, The Unstoppable Man, No Place Like Homicide, Operation snafu, the Day The Earth Caught Fire

1962:  The Golden Rabbit, Ring-A-Ding Rhythm, Crooks Anonymous, The Girl On the Boat, Jigsaw

1963:  Doctor In Distress

1964:  Seventy Deadly Pills, Father Came Too, Nightmare, The Evil Of Frankenstein

1965:  The Knack And How To Get It

1966:  The Wrong Box, After The Fox

1967:  Torture Garden, Danger Route

1968:  The Anniversary, Twisted Nerve

1969:  The Italian Job

1975:  Autobiography of a Princess

1977:  Joseph Andrews

1978:  A Hitch In Time

1980:  Treasures of the Snow, Tanglewoods’ Secret

1981:  Loophole

1983:  High Road To China

1986:  Labyrinth, Foreign Body

1988:  A Handful of Dust

1991:  Living With Technology: A Foundation Course-Patterns In The Dust

1996:  True Blue

1997:  For My Baby

1998:  Les Miserables

1999:  The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

1999:  The Criminal, The Clandestine Marriage

2001:  The Discovery of Heaven

2002:  All Or Nothing

2004:  Fakers, Ladies In Lavender

2005:  Oliver Twist, Mrs. Palfrey At the Claremont

2007:  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix