Theodore Bikel

Born:  May 2, 1924, Vienna, Austria.


1949:  No Alternative

1951:  Island Rescue, The African Queen

1952:  Moulin Rouge

1953:  Desperate Moment, Never Let Me Go, Melba, A Day To Remember, The Little Kidnappers

1954:  The Love Lottery, Forbidden Cargo, Chance Meeting, Betrayed, The Divided Heart

1955:  The Colditz Story, Above Us The Waves

1956:  Escape From The Iron Curtain

1957:  The Vintage, The Pride and the Passion, The Enemy Below

1958:  The Kidnappers, Fraulein, The Defiant Ones (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), I Bury The Living, I Want To Live

1959:  The Angry Hills, Woman Obsessed, The Blue Angel

1960:  A Dog of Flanders

1964:  My Fair Lady

1965:  Sands of the Kalahari

1966:  The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming!

1967:  Beyond The Mountains

1968:  Sweet November

1969:  My Side of the Mountain

1970:  Darker Than Amber

1971:  200 Motels

1972:  The Little Ark

1984:  Prince Jack

1986:  Very Close Quarters

1989:  Dark Tower, See You In The Morning

1991:  Shattered

1992:  Crisis In The Kremlin

1993:  Benefit of the Doubt, My Family Treasure

1997:  Shadow Conspiracy

1998:  Second Chances

2002:  Crime and Punishment

2007:  The Little Traitor


Died:  July 21, 2015, Los Angeles, California.