Terry Moore

Born:  January 7, 1929, Los Angeles, California.


1940:  Maryland, The Howards of Virginia

1942:  On The Sunny Side, My Gal Sal, A-Haunting We Will Go

1943:  True To Life

1944:  Gaslight, Since You Went Away, Sweet and Lowdown

1945:  The Clock, Son of Lassie

1946:  Shadowed

1947:  The Devil On Wheels, Heartaches

1948:  Summer Holiday, The Return Of October

1949:  Mighty Joe Young

1950:  The Great Rupert, He’s A Cockeyed Wonder, Gambling House

1951:  Two Of A Kind, Sunny Side of the Street, The Barefoot Mailman

1952:  Come Back Little Sheba  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1953:  Man on a Tightrope, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, King of the Khyber Rifles

1955:  Daddy Long Legs, Shack Out On 101, Postmark For Danger

1956:  Between Heaven and Hell

1957:  Bernardine, Peyton Place

1959:  A Private’s Affair, Cast A Long Shadow

1960:  Platinum High School, Why Must I Die

1965:  Black Spurs, Town Tamer, City of Fear

1966:  Waco

1968:  A Man Called Dagger

1972:  The Daredevil

1978:  Death Dimension

1982:  Double Exposure

1985:  Hellhole

1987:  Death Blow: A Cry For Justice

1988:  Father’s Day

1989:  Going Overboard, American Boyfriends, Beverly Hills Brats

1995:  American Southern

1998:  Second Chances

1998:  Mighty Joe Young

1999:  Final Voyage

2000:  Stageghost

2006:  Sweet Deadly Dreams, The Still Life, Kill Your Darlings

2010:  Dewitt & Maria

2012:  Margarine Wars

2015:  Mansion of Blood, Aimy in A Cage