Teresa Wright

Born:  October 27, 1918, Manhattan, New York.


1941:  The Little Foxes  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1942:  Mrs. Miniver  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), The Pride of the Yankees  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1943:  Shadow of a Doubt

1944:  Casanova Brown

1946:  The Best Years of Our Lives

1947:  Pursued, The Imperfect Lady, The Trouble With Women

1948:  Enchantment

1950:  The Capture, The Men

1952:  Something To Live For, California Conquest, The Steel Trap

1953:  Count The Hours, The Actress

1954:  Track of the Cat

1956:  The Search for Bridey Murphy

1957:  Escapade in Japan

1958:  The Restless Years

1969:  Hail Hero, The Happy Ending

1977:  Roseland

1980:  Somewhere In Time

1988:  The Good Mother

1997:  The Rainmaker


Died:  March 6, 2005, New Haven, Connecticut.