Telly Savalas

Born:  January 21, 1922, Garden City, New York.


1961:  Mad Dog Coll, The Young Savages

1962:  Cape Fear, Birdman Of Alcatraz  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Interns

1963:  The Man From The Diners’ Club, Love Is A Ball, Johnny Cool

1964:  The New Interns

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told, John Goldfarb Please Come Home, Genghis Khan, The Slender Thread, Battle of the Bulge

1966:  Beau Geste

1967:  The Dirty Dozen

1968:  Sol Madrid, The Scalphunters, Buona Sera Mrs Campbell

1969:  The Assassination Bureau, Mackenna’s Gold, Sophie’s Place, Land Raiders, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

1970:  Kelly’s Heroes, Violent City

1971:  Pretty Maids All In A Row, A Town Called Hell, Clay Pigeon

1972:  Crime Boss, Sonny and Jed, Horror Express, L’Assassino E Al Telefono, Pancho Villa, A Reason To Live A Reason To Die

1973:  Senza Ragione, Lisa and the Devil

1975:  The House of Exorcism, Inside Out

1976:  The Diamond Mercenaries

1977:  Capricorn One

1979:  Escape To Athena, Beyond The Poseidon Adventure, The Muppet Movie

1980:  Border Cop

1982:  Fake-Out

1983:  Afghanistan Pourquoi

1984:  Cannonball Run II

1985:  Beyond Reason

1986:  GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords

1987:  Faceless

1993:  Mind Twister

1995:  Backfire!


Died:  January 22, 1994, Universal City, California.