Talia Shire

Born:  April 25, 1946, Lake Success, New York.


1968:  The Wild Racers

1970:  The Dunwich Horror, Gas Or It Became Necessary To Destroy the World In Order To Save It

1971:  The Christian Licorice Store

1972:  The Godfather, The Outside Man

1973:  Maxie

1974:  The Godfather Part II (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1976:  Rocky  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1979:  Old Boyfriends, Rocky II, Prophecy

1980:  Window

1982:  Rocky III

1985:  Rocky IV

1986:  Rad, Hyper Sapien: People From Another Star

1989:  New York Stories

1990:  Rocky V, The Godfather Part III

1991:  Cold Heaven, Bed & Breakfast

1993:  Deadfall

1997:  She’s So Lovely, River Made To Drown In

1998:  Caminho dos Sonhos, The Landlady, Divorce A Contemporary Western

1999:  Palmer’s Pick-Up

2000:  Lurid Innocence, Th visit

2001:  The Whole Shebang

2002:  Kiss The Bride

2003:  Dunsmore

2004:  I Heart Huckabees

2005:  Pomegranate

2007:  Dawn of Sex

2008:  Looking For Palladin, Dim Sum Funeral

2009:  The Deported, A Secret Promise

2011:  The Return of Joe Rich

2013:  Palo Alto

2016:  Dreamland, The Homeless Billionaire

2018:  Con Man