Stephen Rea

Born:  October 31, 1946, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


1970:  Cry of the Banshee

1978:  On A Paving Stone Mounted

1982:  Angel

1984:  The Company Of Wolves

1985:  The Doctor and the Devils, Loose Connections

1990:  Life Is Sweet

1992:  The Crying Game  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1993:  Bad Behaviour

1994:  Angie, Princess Caraboo, Interview With The Vampire, Pret-A-Porter

1995:  Between The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, All Men Are Mortal

1996:  Michael Collins, Trojan Eddie, The Last of the High Kings

1997:  Fever Pitch, The Butcher Boy, A Further Gesture, Double Tap, Hacks

1998:  This Is My Father, Still Crazy

1999:  Guinevere, In Dreams, I Could Read The Sky, The Life Before This, The End of the Affair

2001:  The Musketeer, On The Edge

2002:  Feardotcom, Evelyn

2003:  Bloom

2004:  The I Inside, The Good Shepherd, Proud, Control

2005:  Breakfast On Pluto, River Queen, Tara Road, V For Vendetta

2006:  Sisters, Sixty Six

2007:  Until Death, The Reaping, Stuck

2008:  The Devil’s Mercy, Kisses

2009:  Spy(ies), Child of the Dead End, Nothing Personal, Ondine, Heidi 4 Paws

2010:  The Heavy

2011:  Blackthorn, Stella Days

2012:  Underworld Awakening

2013:  Tasting Menu

2014:  Asylum, Styria, Out In The Dark

2015:  An Enchanted Ruby, Ruby Strangelove Young Witch

2018:  Black 47, Greta