Sophia Loren

Born:  September 20, 1934, Rome, Italy.


1950:  Tototarzan, le Sei Mogli di Barbablu, Cuori Sul Mare, Il Voto

1951:  Lebbra Bianca, Io Sono Il Capataz, Milano Miliardaria, Quo Vadis, Il Mago Per Forza, Il Padrone Del Vapore, Era Lui Si Si, Anna

1952:  La Favorita, The Dream of Zorro, La Tratta Delle Bianche, The Piano Tuner Has Arrived

1953:  La Domenica Della Buona Gente, Woman of the Red Sea, Aida, Ci Troviamo in Galleria

1954:  Town of Bells, A Day In Court, Two Nights With Cleopatra, The Anatomy of Love, Neapolitan Carousel, Miseria e Nobilita, Pilgrim of Love, The Gold of Naples, Attila, The River Girl

1955:  Too Bad She’s Bad, Il Segno di Venere, The Miller’s Beautiful Wife, Scandal In Sorrento

1956:  What A Woman!

1957:  Boy on a Dolphin, The Pride and the Passion, Legend of the Lost

1958:  Desire Under The Elms, The Key, The Black Orchid, Houseboat

1959:  That Kind of Woman

1960:  Heller In Pink Tights, A Breath of Scandal, It Started In Naples, The Millionairess, Two Women  (Oscar Winner: Best Actress)

1961:  El Cid, Madame

1962:  Boccaccio ’70, The Condemned of Altona, Five Miles To Midnight

1963:  Yesterday Today And Tomorrow

1964:  The Fall of the Roman Empire, Marriage Italian Style (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1965:  Operation Crossbow, Lady L

1966:  Judith, Arabesque

1967:  A Countess From Hong Kong, More Than A Miracle, Ghosts Italian Style

1970:  Sunflower, The Priest’s Wife

1971:  Lady Liberty

1972:  The Sin, Man of La Mancha

1974:  The Voyage, The Verdict

1975:  La Pupa Del Gangster

1976:  The Cassandra Crossing

1977:  A Special Day, Angela

1978:  Blood Feud, Brass Target

1979:  Firepower

1990:  Saturday Sunday and Monday

1994:  Ready To Wear

1995:  Grumpier Old Men

1997:  Soleil

2002: Between Strangers

2004:  Too Much Romance It’s Time For Stuffed Peppers

2009:  Nine

2020:  The Life Ahead