Simone Signoret

Born:  March 25, 1921, Wiesbaden, Germany.


1942:  Bolero, Le Prince Charmant, Les Visiteurs du Soir, The Benefactor

1943:  Le Voyageur de la Toussaint, Adieu Leonard

1944:  L’Ange de La Nuit, Behold Beatrice, Service de Nuit, Le Mort ne Recoit Plus

1945:  Box of Dreams

1946:  Dawn Devils, Le Couple Ideal, Back Streets of Paris

1947:  Fantomas

1948:  Against The Wind, Dedee d’Anvers, Dilemma of Two Agnels

1950:  Maneges, Four Days Leave, La Ronde, Le Traque, Gunman In The Streets

1951:  Without Leaving An Address, Shadow and Light

1952:  Casque D’Or

1953:  The Adultress

1955:  Les Diaboliques

1956:  Death In The Garden

1957:  The Crucible

1959:  Room At the Top  (Oscar Winner: Best Actress)

1960:  Hungry For Love

1961:  Les Mauvais Coups, Famous Love Affairs

1962:  Term of Trial

1963:  The Shortest Day, The Day and the Hour, Sweet and Sour

1965:  Ship of Fools  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), Compartiment Tueurs

1966:  Is Paris Burning?

1967:  The Deadly Affair, Games

1968:  Mr. Freedom, The Sea Gull

1969:  Army of Shadows, L’Americain

1970:  The Confession

1971:  Countdown, Le Chat, La Veuve Couderc

1973:  The Burned Barns, Rude Journee Pour La Reine

1975:  The Flesh and the Orchid

1976:  Police Python 357

1977:  Madame Rosa

1978:  Judith Therpauve

1979:  The Adolescent

1980:  I Sent A Letter To My Love

1982:  L’Etoile Du Nord, Guy de Maupassant


Died:  September 30, 1985, Autheil-Authouillet, France.