Shirley Jones

Born:  March 31, 1934, Charleroi, Pennsylvania.


1955:  Oklahoma!

1956:  Carousel

1957:  April Love

1959:  Never Steal Anything Small, Bobbikins

1960:  Elmer Gantry  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), Pepe

1961:  Two Rode Together

1962:  The Music Man

1963:  The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, A Ticklish Affair

1964:  Dark Purpose, Bedtime Story

1965:  Fluffy, The Secret of My Success

1969:  El Golfo, The Happy Ending

1970:  The Cheyenne Social Club

1979:  Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

1984:  Tank

1998:  Gideon

2000:  Ping!, The Adventures of Cinderella’s Daughter

2002:  Manna From Heaven

2004:  Raising Genius

2006:  Grandma’s Boy

2006:  The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park

2009:  Generic Thriller

2013:  Family Weekend, A Strange Brand of Happy

2014:  Waiting in The Wings: The Musical

2015:  On The Wing

2018:  Forgiven This Gun4Hire, Bruce The Challenge