Shelley Winters

Born: August 18, 1920, St. Louis, Missouri.


1943:  There’s Something About A Soldier, What A Woman

1944:  Sailor’s Holiday, Knickerbocker Holiday, Cover Girl, She’s A Soldier Too, Dancing In Manhattan, Together Again

1945:  Tonight and Every Night, Escape In The Fog, A Thousand One Nights

1946:  The Fighting Guardsman, Two Smart People, Susie Steps Out, Abie’s Irish Rose

1947:  New Orleans, Living In A Big Way, The Gangster, Killer McCoy, A Double Life

1948:  Red River, Larceny, Cry of the City

1949:  Take One False Step, The Great Gatsby, Johnny Stool Pigeon

1950: Winchester ’73, South Sea Sinner, Frenchie

1951:  A Place In The Sun  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), He Ran All The Way, Behave Yourself!, The Raging Tide, Meet Danny Wilson

1952:  Phone Call From A Stranger, Untamed Frontier, My Man and I

1954:  Executive Suite, Tennessee Champ, O’Rourke Of The Royal Mounted, Playgirl, Mambo, Cash on Delivery

1955:  I Am A Camera, The Night of the Hunter, The Big Knife, The Treasure of Pancho Villa, I Died A Thousand Times

1959:  The Diary of Anne Frank (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), Odds Against Tomorrow

1960:  Let No Man Write My Epitaph

1961:  The Young Savages

1962:  Lolita, The Chapman Report

1963:  The Balcony, Wives and Lovers

1964:  A House Is Not A Home, Time of Indifference

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told, A Patch of Blue  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress)

1966:  Harper, Alfie, The Three Sisters

1967:  Enter Laughing

1968:  The Scalphunters, Wild In The Street, Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell

1969:  The Mad Room, Arthur Arthur

1970:  Bloody Mama, How Do I Love Thee, Flap

1971:  Whoever Slew Auntie Roo, What’s The Matter With Helen

1972:  Something To Hide, The Poseidon Adventure  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1973:  Blume In Love, Cleopatra Jones

1975:  Poor Pretty Eddie, That Lucky Touch, Journey Into Fear, Diamonds

1976:  Next Stop Greenwich Village, The Tenant, Mimi Bluette Fiore Del Mio Giardino, La Dahlia Scarlatta

1977:  Tentacles, An Average Little Man, Pete’s Dragon

1978:  King of The Gypsies

1979:  Gran Bollito, The Visitor, City on Fire, The Magician of Lublin

1981:  Looping, S.O.B.

1983:  Sex Lies and Renaissance

1984:  Over The Brooklyn Bridge, Ellie

1985:  Deja Vu

1986:  The Delta Force, Witchfire, Very Close Quarters

1988:  Purple People Eater

1989:  An Unremarkable Life

1990:  Touch of a Stranger

1991:  Stepping Out

1993:  The Pickle

1994:  The Silence of the Hams

1995:  Heavy, Backfire!, Jury Duty, Mrs. Munck, Raging Angels

1996:  The Portrait of a Lady

1998:  Gideon

1999:  La Bomba


Died:  January 14, 2006, Beverly Hills, California.