Sharon Stone

Born:  March 10, 1958, Meadville, Pennsylvania.


1980:  Stardust Memories

1981:  Bolero, Deadly Blessing

1984:  Irreconcilable Differences

1985:  King Solomon’s Mines

1986:  Allan Quatermain and the Lost City Of Gold

1987:  Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol, Cold Steel

1988:  Action Jackson, Above The Law

1989:  Beyond The Stars, Blood and Sand

1990:  Total Recall

1991:  He Said She Said, Scissors, Diary of a Hitman, Year of the Gun, Where Sleeping Dogs Lie

1992:  Basic Instinct

1993:  Sliver, Last Action Hero

1994:  Intersection, The Specialist

1995:  The Quick and the Dead, Casino  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress)

1996:  Diabolique, Last Dance

1998:  Sphere, The Mighty, Antz

1999:  Gloria, The Muse, Simpatico

2000:  Picking Up The Pieces, Beautiful Joe

2003:  Cold Creek Manor

2004:  A Different Loyalty, Catwoman

2005:  Broken Flowers

2006:  Alpha Dog, Basic Instinct 2, Bobby

2007:  If I Had Known I Was A Genius, When A Man Falls

2008:  The Year of Getting To Know Us, $5 A Day

2011:  The Burma Conspiracy

2012:  Border Run

2013: Lovelace, Fading Gigolo, Gods Behaving Badly

2014:  Love In Vegas, Un Ragazzo D’Oro

2015:  Life On The Line, A Warrior’s Tail

2016:  Mothers and Daughters

2017:  Running Wild, All I Wish, The Disaster Artist

2019:  The Laundromat, Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese