Seymour Cassel

Born:  January 22, 1935, Detroit, Michigan.


1959:  Shadows

1960:  Man on a String, Juke Box Racket, Murder Inc

1961:  Too Late Blues

1962:  The Webster Boy

1963:  The Nutty Professor

1964:  The Killers

1968:  Faces  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), The Sweet Ride, Coogan’s Bluff

1970:  The Revolutionary

1971:  Minnie and Moskowitz

1975:  Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight

1976:  The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The Last Tycoon

1977:  Black Oak Conspiracy, Death Game, Valentino, Opening Night

1978:  Convoy

1979:  California Dreaming, Ravagers, Sunburn

1980:  The Mountain Men

1981:  King of the Mountain

1982:  Double Exposure

1984:  Love Streams

1986:  Eye of the Tiger

1987:  Tin Men, Best Seller, Survival Game, Plain Clothes

1988:  Johnny Be Good, Colors, Track 29

1989:  Wicked Stepmother

1990:  Dick Tracy, Cold Dog Soup

1991:  White Fang, Mobsters, Diary of a Hitman, Cold Heaven

1992:  In The Soup, Love Is Like That, Chain of Desire, Honeymoon In Vegas, Adventures In Spying

1993:  Trouble Bound, Indecent Proposal, Boiling Point, When Pigs Fly

1994:  Chasers, It Could Happen To You, There Goes My Baby, Dark Side of Genius, Hand Gun, Imaginary Crimes, Tollbooth

1995:  Dead Presidents

1996:  Cosas Que Nunca Te Dije, Dream For An Insomniac, Trees Lounge, I Sfagi Tou Kokora, Dead Girl, Chameleon, The Last Home Run

1997:  This World Then The Fireworks, Cannes Man, Obsession, Motel Blue

1998:  Johnny 316, Relax It’s Just Sex, Hoods, The Treat, Snapped, Rushmore, Stingers

1999:  Ballad of the Nightingale, Smoking Cuban Style, Me and Will, Black and White, Temps

2000:  Animal Factory, The Crew, Just One Night

2001:  The Sleepy Time Gal, Bartleby, Women of the Night, The Cure For Boredom, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Chameleon

2002:  Passionada, Sonny, Stealing Harvard, Manna From Heaven, The Burial Society, The Biz

2003:  A Good Night To Die, Stuck On You

2004:  Sweet Underground, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

2005:  Lonesome Jim, The Wendell Baker Story, The Tenants, Bittersweet Place, Before It Had A Name, Welcome To California, Circadian Rhythm

2006:  Sea of Dreams, Hollywood Dreams, Ray of Sunshine, Beer League

2007:  The Happiest Day of His Life, Postal, Cosmic Radio

2008:  Beau Jest, Barbiere IL, Big Heart City, Reach for Me

2009:  Little New York, Not Dead Yet

2010:  Chasing 3000, Kissing Strangers, Pete Smalls Is Dead, Now Here

2011:  Fort McCoy, Without Borders, L!fe Happens, Freerunner

2012:  Silver Case, Booster, Broken Kingdom, Lost Angeles

2013:  The Silver Lives of Dorks

2014:  Pride of Lions, Lucky Dog, The Algerian, At The Maple Grove

2015:  Silver Case: Director’s Cut