Sessue Hayakawa

Born:  June 10, 1889, Nanaura, Japan.


1914: The Wrath of the Gods, The Typhoon

1915:  After Five, The Clue, The Secret Sin, The Cheat, Temptation

1916:  Alien Souls, The Honorable Friend, The Soul of Kura San, The Victoria Cross

1917:  Each To His Kind, The Bottle Imp, The Jaguar’s Claws, Forbidden Paths, Hashimura Togo, The Call of the East, The Secret Game

1918:  The Hidden Pearls, The Honor Of His House, The White Man’s Law, The Bravest Way, The City Of Dim Faces, His Birthright, The Temple of Dusk

1919:  A Heart In Pawn, The Courageous Coward, His Debt, The Man Beneath, The Gray Horizon, The Dragon Painter, Bonds of Honour, The Illustrious Prince, The Tong Man

1920:  The Beggar Prince, The Brand of Lopez, The Devil’s Claim, Li Ting Lang, An Arabian Knight

1921:  The First Born, Black Roses, Where Lights Are Low, The Swamp

1922:  Five Days To Live, The Vermilion Pencil

1923:  The Battle

1924:  The Great Prince Shan, The Danger Line, Sen Yan’s Devotion, I Have Killed

1931:  Daughter of the Dragon

1932:  The Sun Rise From The East

1934:  Bakugeki Hikotai

1935:  Tojin Okichi, Kuni O Mamoru Mono: Nichiren

1937:  Atarashiki Tsuchi, Yoshiwara, The Cheat

1938:  Tempete Sur L’Asie

1942:  Patrouille Blanche, Gambling Hell

1943:  Malaria, Le Soleil de Minuit

1946:  Le Cabaret Du Grand Large

1947:  Quartier Chinois

1949:  Tokyo Joe

1950:  Three Came Home, The Motherland Far Far Away, Les Miserables: Gods and Demons, Re Mizeraburu: Kami to Jiyu No Hata

1953:  Onna Kanja Himon-Ako Roshi, Kurama Tengu To Katsu Kaishu

1954:  Nihon Yaburezu

1955:  House of Bamboo

1957:  The Bridge on the River Kwai  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1958:  The Geisha Boy

1959:  Green Mansions

1960:  Hell To Eternity, Swiss Family Robinson

1961:  The Big Waves

1966:  The Daydreamer

1967:  Junjo Nijuso


Died:  November 23, 1973, Tokyo, Japan.