Samantha Eggar

Born:  March 5, 1939, Hampstead, England.


1962:  The Wild and The Willing

1963:  Doctor In Distress, Dr. Crippen

1964:  Psyche 59

1965:  The Collector  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), Return From the Ashes

1966:  Walk Don’t Run

1967:  Doctor Dolittle

1970:  The Molly Maguires, The Walking Stick, The Lady In The Car With Glasses and a Gun

1971:  The Light At The Edge of the World

1972:  The Dead Are Alive

1973:  A Name For Evil

1976:  The Seven-Per-Cent Solution

1977:  Welcome To Blood City, Why Shoot The Teacher, The Uncanny

1978:  The Biggest Battle

1979:  The Brood

1980:  Demonoid, The Exterminator

1981:  The Hot Touch

1983:  Curtains

1990:  Ragin’ Cajun

1992:  The Magic Voyage, Dark Horse, Round Numbers

1994:  Inevitable Grace

1996:  The Phantom

1997:  Hercules

1999:  The Astronaut’s Wife