My Old Addiction

Movie Reviews By Bil Antoniou

Sam Waterston

Born:  November 15, 1940, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


1966:  The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean

1967:  Fitzwilly Strikes Back

1969:  A Time For Giving, Three

1970:  Cover Me Babe

1971:  Who Killed Mary Whats’ername?

1972:  Savages, Mahoney’s Estate

1974:  The Great Gatsby

1975:  Rancho Deluxe, Journey Into Fear

1976:  Sweet Revenge

1977:  Capricorn One

1978:  Interiors

1979:  Eagle’s Wing

1980:  Sweet William, Hopscotch, Heaven’s Gate

1984:  The Killing Fields  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1985:  Warning Sign

1986:  Hannah and Her Sisters, Just Between Friends, Flagrant desir

1987:  Devil’s Paradise, September

1989:  Welcome Home, Crimes And Misdemeanors

1990:  A Captive In The Land, Mindwalk

1991:  The Man In The Moon

1994:  Serial Mom

1995:  The Journey of August King, Nixon

1996:  The Proprietor

1997:  Shadow Conspiracy

2003:  Le Divorce, The Commission

2014:  Please Be Normal

2015:  And It Was Good, Anesthesia

2016:  Miss Sloane