Sally Kirkland

Born:  October 31, 1941, New York City, New York.


1960:  Crack In The Mirror

1961:  Hey Let’s Twist!

1964:  The 13 Most Beautiful Woman

1968:  Blue

1969:  Coming Apart, Futz

1970:  Brand X

1971:  Jump, Going Home

1973:  The Young Nurses, Blume in Love, The Way We Were, Cinderella Liberty, The Sting

1974:  Blazing Saddles, Candy Stripe Nurses, Big Bad Mama

1975:  The Noah, Bite The Bullet, Crazy Mama, Breakhart Pass

1976:  Pipe Dreams, Tracks, A Star Is Born

1977:  Flush

1979:  Hometown USA, La Ilegal

1980:  Private Benjamin

1981:  The Incredible Shrinking Woman

1982:  Human Highway

1983:  Double Exposure, Love Letters

1984:  Fatal Games

1987:  Anna  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actress), Talking Walls

1989:  White Hot, Paint It Black, Cold Feet, Best of the est, High Stakes

1990:  Two Evil Eyes, Revenge, Bullseye!

1991:  JFK

1992:  In the Heat of Passion, The Player, Forever, Hit The Dutchman, Primary Motive, Stringer

1993:  Double Threat, Gunmen, Paper Hearts, Eye of the Stranger

1995:  Guns and Lipstick

1997:  Amnesia, Excess Baggage, Little Ghost

1998:  Wilbur Falls, Paranoia, The Island

1999:  EdTV, Starry Night

2000:  The Boys Behind The Desk

2001:  Thank You Good Night, Circuit, Out of the Black, A Month of Sundays, Wish You Were Dead

2002:  The Rose Technique

2003:  Bruce Almighty

2004:  Mango Kiss, Bloodlines

2005:  Neo Ned, Adam & Steve, What’s Up Scarlet, Chandler Hall

2006:  Hollywood Dreams, Courts Mais Gay: Tome 11, A-List, Fingerprints, Off the Black, Coffee Date, Mothers and Daughters, Factory Girl

2007:  Richard III, Resurrection Mary, Big Stan, Spiritual Warriors

2008:  Oak Hill, Bald

2010:  House Under Siege, Urgency, LIghts Out

2011:  The Last Gamble, A Bag of Hammers, The Wayshower, The Wishmakers, Division III: Football’s Finest, Jack The Reaper

2012:  Archaeology of a Woman, Broken Roads

2013:  Awakened, The Visitor from Planet Omicron

2014:  Ron and Laura Take Back America, The Bride From Vegas, Suburban Gothic

2015:  The Code of Cain, Remembering Nigel, Buddy Hutchins

2016:  Courting Des Moines, Trash Fire, Buddy Solitaire, Nerdland

2017:  The Most Hated Woman In America, Price For Freedom