Sally Kellerman

Born:  June 2, 1937, Long Beach, California.


1957:  Reform School Girl

1962:  Hands of a Stranger

1965:  The Third Day, The Lollipop Cover

1968:  The Boston Strangler

1969:  The April Fools

1970:  MASH  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Brewster McCloud

1972:  Last of the Red Hot Lovers, A Reflection of Fear

1973:  Slither, Lost Horizon

1975:  Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins

1976:  The Big Bus, Welcome To L.A.

1977:  The Mouse and His Child

1979:  A Little Romance

1980:  Foxes, It Rained All Night The Day I Left, Serial, Loving Couples, Head On

1985:  Moving Violations, Follow That Bird, KGB: The Secret War

1986:  Back To School, That’s Life!, Meatballs III: Summer Job

1987:  Three For The Road, Someone To Love

1988:  You Can’t Hurry Love, Paramedics

1989:  The Secret of the Ice Cave, All’s Fair, Limit Up

1990:  Happily Ever After

1992:  The Player

1993:  Doppelganger, Younger and Younger

1994:  Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance, Ready To Wear

1995:  The Point of Betrayal

1996:  It’s My Party

1997:  The Lay of the Land, The Maze

1999:  Live Virgin

2001:  Women of the Night

2004:  Open House

2005:  Boynton Beach Club

2008:  Delgo

2011:  Night Club

2014:  Reach Me, A Place For Heroes

2016:  A Timeless Love

2016:  The Remake