Sal Mineo

Born:  January 10, 1939, The Bronx, New York.


1955:  Six Bridges To Cross, The Private War of Major Benson, Rebel Without A Cause (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1956:  Crime In The Streets, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Giant, Rock Pretty Baby

1957:  Dino, The Young Don’t Cry

1958:  Tonka

1959:  A Private’s Affair, The Gene Krupa Story

1960:  Exodus  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1962:  Escape From Zahrain, The Longest Day

1964:  Cheyenne Autumn

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told, Who Killed Teddy Bear

1968:  Krakatoa East Of Java

1969:  80 Steps To Jonah

1971:  Escape From The Planet of the Apes


Died:  February 12, 1976, West Hollywood, California.