Ruth Hussey

Born:  October 30, 1911, Providence, Rhode Island.


1937:  Big City, Madame X

1938:  Man-Proof, Judge Hardy’s Children, Hold That Kiss, Marie Antoinette, Rich Man Poor Girl, Time Out For Murder, Spring Madness

1939:  Honolulu, Within The Law, Maisie, The Women, Blackmail, Fast and Furious, Another Thin Man

1940:  Northwest Passage, Susan and God, The Philadelphia Story (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Flight Command

1941:  Free and Easy, Our Wife, Married Bachelor, H.M. Pulham Esq.

1942:  Pierre of the Plains, Tennessee Johnson

1943:  Tender Comrade

1944:  The Uninvited, Marine Raiders

1945:  Bedside Manner

1948:  I Jane Doe

1949:  The Great Gatsby

1950:  Louisa, Mr. Music

1951:  That’s My Boy

1952:  Woman of the North Country, Stars and Stripes Forever

1953:  The Lady Wants Mink

1960:  The Facts of Life


Died:  April 19, 2005, Newbury Park, California.