Rosie Perez

Born:  September 6, 1964, Bushwick, New York.


1989:  Do The Right Thing

1991:  Night On Earth

1992:  White Men Can’t Jmp

1993:  Untamed Heart, Fearless  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1994:  It Could Happen To You, Somebody To Love

1997:  A Brother’s Kiss, Dance With The Devil

1998:  Louis & Frank

1999:  The 24 Hour Woman

2000:  The Road To El Dorado, King of the Jungle

2001:  Human Nature, Riding In Cars With Boys

2005:  All The Invisible Children

2006:  Just Like The Son

2007:  The Take

2008:  Pineapple Express

2010:  The Other Guys, Pete Smalls Is Dead

2012:  Small Apartments, Won’t Back Down

2013:  The Counsellor, Gods Behaving Badly

2014:  The Hero of Color City, Fugly!

2015:  Pitch Perfect 2, Puerto Ricans In Paris, Five Nights In Maine

2017:  Active Adults

2019:  The Dead Don’t Die, Inside The Rain

2020:  Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey, The Last Thing He Wanted