Roland Young

Born:  November 11, 1887, London, England.


1922:  Sherlock Holmes

1924:  Grit

1929:  Her Private Life, The Unholy Night, Wise Girls

1930:  The Bishop Murder Case, Madam Satan, New Moon

1931:  Don’t Bet on Women, The Prodigal, Annabelle’s Affairs, The Squaw Man, Pagan Lady, The Guardsman

1932:  Lovers Courageous, A Woman Commands, One Hour With You, This Is The Night, Street of Women, Wedding Rehearsal, They Just Had To Get Married

1933:  A Lady’s Profession, Pleasure Cruise, Blind Adventure, His Double Life

1934:  Here Is My Heart

1935:  David Copperfield, Ruggles of Red Gap

1936:  The Unguarded Hour, One Rainy Afternoon, The Man Who Could Work Miracles, Give Me Your Heart

1937:  Gypsy, Call It A Day, King Solomon’s Mines, Topper (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Ali Baba Goes To Town

1938:  Sailing Along, The Young In Heart, Topper Takes A Trip

1939:  Yes My Darling Daughter, Here I Am A Stranger, The Night of Nights

1940:  He Married His Wife, Star dust, Irene, Private Affairs, Dulcy, The Philadelphia Story, No No Nanette

1941:  Topper Returns, The Flame of New Orleans, Two-Faced Woman

1942:  The Lady Has Plans, They All Kissed The Bride, Tales of Manhattan

1943:  Forever And A Day

1944:  Standing Room Only

1945:  And Then There Were None

1948:  Bond Street, You Gotta Stay Happy

1949:  The Great Lover

1950:  Let’s Dance

1951:  St. Benny The Dip

1953:  That Man From Tangier


Died:  June 5, 1953, New York City, New York.