Rod Steiger

Born:  April 14, 1925, Westhampton, New York.


1951 : Teresa

1954:  On The Waterfront  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1955:  The Big Knife, Oklahoma!, The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

1956:  The Harder They Fall, Jubal, Back From Eternity

1957:  The Unholy Wife, Run of the Arrow, Across The Bridge

1958:  Cry Terror!

1959:  Al Capone

1960:  Seven Thieves

1961:  The World In My Pocket, The Mark

1962:  13 West Street, Convicts 4, The Longest Day

1963:  Hands Over The City

1964:  The Pawnbroker  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Time of Indifference

1965:  The Loved One, A Man Named John, Doctor Zhivago

1967:  In The Heat of the Night  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), The Girl and the General

1968:  No Way To Treat A Lady, The Sergeant

1969:  The Illustrated Man, Three Into Two Won’t Go

1970:  Waterloo

1971:  Duck You Sucker, Happy Birthday Wanda June

1973:  Lolly-Madonna XXX, Gli Eroi, Lucky Luciano

1974:  The Last 4 Days

1975:  Dirty Hands, Hennessy

1976:  W.C. Fields and Me, 

1978:  F.I.S.T.

1979:  Love and Bullets, Breakthrough, Portrait of a Hitman, The Amityville Horror

1980:  Klondike Fever, The Lucky Star, Lion of the Desert, Wolf Lake

1981:  Cattle Annie and Little Britches, The Chosen

1982:  Der Zauberberg

1984:  The Naked Face

1987:  The Kindred, Catch The Heat, American Gothic

1989:  The January Man, That Summer of White Roses, Tennessee Waltz

1990:  Men of Respect

1991:  The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Guilty As Charged

1992:  The Player

1993:  Kolcsonkapott Ido, The Neighbour

1994:  The Last Tattoo, The Specialist, Seven Sundays

1995:  Captain Nuke and the Bomber Boys

1996:  The Real Thing, Carpool, Shiloh, Mars Attacks!

1997:  Truth or Consequences N.M., Incognito, The Kid

1998:  Animals With The Tollkeeper, Legacy, The Snatching of Bookie Bob

1999:  Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season, Cypress Edge, Crazy In Alabama, The Hurricane, End of Days

2000:  Body and Soul, The Last Producer

2001:  Lightmaker, A Month of Sundays, The Hollywood Sign

2002:  Poolhall Junkies


Died:  July 9, 2002, Los Angeles, California.