Rock Hudson

Born:  November 17, 1925, Winnetka, Illinois.


1948:  Fighter Squadron

1949:  Undertow

1950:  One Way Street, I Was A Shoplifter, Winchester ’73, Peggy, The Desert Hawk, Shakedown

1951:  Tomahawk, Air Cadet, Bright Victory, The Fat Man, Iron Man

1952:  Here Come The Nelson, Bend of the River, Scarlet Angel, Has Anybody Seen My Gal, Horizons West

1953:  The Lawless Breed, Seminole, Sea Devils, The Golden Blade, Gun Fury, Back To God’s Country, Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

1954:  Taza Son Of Cochise, Magnificent Obsession, Bengal Brigade

1955:  Captain Lightfoot, One Desire, All That Heaven Allows

1956:  Never Say Goodbye, Giant  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Written On The Wind

1957:  Battle Hymn, Something of Value, The Tarnished Angels, A Farewell To Arms

1958:  Twilight For The Gods

1959:  This Earth Is Mine, Pillow Talk

1961:  The Last Sunset, Come September, Lover Come Back

1962:  The Spiral Road

1963:   A Gathering Of Eagles

1964:  Man’s Favourite Sport, Send Me No Flowers

1965:  Strange Bedfellows, A Very Special Favor

1966:  Seconds, Blindfold

1967:  Tobruk

1968:  A Fine Pair, Ice Station Zebra

1969:  The Undefeated

1970:  Darling Lili, Hornets’ Nest

1971:  Pretty Maids All In A Row

1973:  Showdown

1976:  Embryo

1978:  Avalanche

1980:  The Mirror Crack’d

1982:  The Devlin Connection III

1984:  The Ambassador


Died:  October 2, 1985, Beverly Hills, California.