Robin Williams

Born:  July 21, 1951, Chicago, Illinois


1977Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses

1980:  Popeye

1982:  The World According To Garp

1983:  The Survivors

1984:  Moscow On The Hudson

1986:  The Best of Times, Club Paradise, Seize the Day

1987:  Good Morning Vietnam (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1988:  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Portrait of a White Marriage

1989:  Dead Poets Society (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1990:  Cadillac Man, Awakenings

1991:  Shakes The Clown, Dead Again, The Fisher King (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Hook

1992:  FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Aladdin, Toys

1993:  Mrs. Doubtfire

1994:  Being Human

1995:  Nine Months, To Wong Foo Julie Newmar Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar, Jumanji

1996:  The Birdcage, Jack, The Secret Agent, Hamlet

1997:  Fathers’ Day, Deconstructing Harry, Flubber, Good Will Hunting (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actor)

1998:  What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams

1999:  Jakob The Liar, Bicentennial Man

2001:  A.I. Artificial Intelligence

2002:  One Hour Photo, Death To Smoochy, Insomnia

2004:  The Final Cut, House of D, Noel

2005:  Robots, The Big White

2006:  The Night Listener, RV: Runaway Vacation, Everyone’s Hero, Man of the Year, Happy Feet, Night At the Museum

2007:  License To Wed, August Rush

2009:  World’s Greatest Dad, Shrink, Night At The Museum 2, Old Dogs

2011:  Happy Feet Two

2013:  The Big Wedding, The Butler, The Face of Love

2014:  Boulevard, The Angriest Man In Brooklyn, A Merry Christmas Miracle, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

2015:  Absolutely Anything


Died:  August 11, 2014, Tiburon, California.