Robert Vaughn

Born:  November 22, 1932, New York City, New York.


1956:  The Ten Commandments

1957:  Hell’s Crossroads, No Time To Be Young

1958:  Teenage Cave Man, Unwed Mother

1959:  Good Day For A Hanging, The Young Philadelphians (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1960:  The Magnificent Seven

1961:  The Big Show

1963:  The Caretakers

1966:  One Spy Too Many, The Glass Bottom Boat, One Of Our Spies Is Missing, The Venetian Affair

1967:  The Spy In The Green Hat

1968:  Bullitt

1969:  If It’s Tuesday This Must Be Belgium, The Bridge At Remagen

1970:  Julius Caesar, The Mind of Mr. Soames

1971:  The Statue, Clay Pigeon

1974:  The Man From Independence, The Towering Inferno

1975:  Scar Tissue

1976:  Atraco en la Jungla

1977:  Demon Seed, Starship Invasions

1978:  The Lucifer Complex, Brass Target

1979:  Good Luck Miss Wyckoff

1980:  Cuba Crossing, Day of Resurrection, Hangar 18, Battle Beyond The Stars

1981:  S.O.B.

1983:  Superman III, Veliki Transport, 

1985:  Black Moon Rising

1986:  The Delta Force

1987:  Hour of the Assassin, They Call Me Renegade, Zombie 5: Killing Birds

1988:  Skeleton Coast, The Emissary, Captive Rage

1989:  That’s Adequate, C.H.U.D. II: Bud The Chud, River of Death, Transylvania Twist

1990:  Buried Alive, Nobody’s Perfect, Going Under

1992:  Blind Vision

1994:  Dust To Dust

1995:  Witch Academy

1996:  Joe’s Apartment, Milk & Money

1997:  An American Affair, Menno’s Mind, Motel Blue, Anak Ng Bulkan

1998:  The ender, Visions, McCinsey’s Island, Baseketball

2001:  Pootie Tang

2002:  Cottonmouth

2003:  Happy Hour, Hoodlum & Son

2004:  Scene Stealers, 2BPerfectlyHonest, Gang Warz

2012:  Excuse Me For Living

2013:  The Magnificent Eleven

2014:  A Cry From Within

2016:  The American Side

2017:  Gold Star


Died:  November 11, 2016, Ridgefield, Connecticut.