Robert Stack

Born:  January 13, 1919, Los Angeles, California.


1934:  Bright Eyes

1939:  First Love

1940:  The Mortal Storm, A Little Bit Of Heaven

1941:  Nice Girl?, Badlands of Dakota

1942:  To Be Or Not To Be, Eagle Squadron, Men of Texas

1948:  A Date With Judy, Miss Tatlock’s Millions, Fighter Squadron

1950:  Mr. Music

1951:  Bullfighter and the Lady, My Outlaw Brother

1952:  Bwana Devil

1953:  War Paint, Conquest of Cochise, Sabre Jet

1954:  The Iron Glove, The High and the Mighty

1955:  House of Bamboo, Good Morning Miss Dove

1956:  Great Day In The Morning, Written On The Wind (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1957:  The Tarnished Angels

1958:  The Gift of Love

1959:  John Paul Jones

1960:  The Last Voyage

1963:  The Caretakers

1966:  Is Paris Burning

1967:  Sail To Glory, The Corrupt Ones, Action Man

1970:  Story of a Woman

1978:  Un Second Souffle

1979:  1941

1980:  Airplane

1983:  Uncommon Valor

1986:  Big Trouble, The Transformers: The Movie

1987:  Plain Clothes

1988:  Caddyshack II, Dangerous Curves

1990:  Joe Versus The Volcano

1996:  Beavis and Butthead Do America

1998:  BASEketball

2001:  Recess: School’s Out, Killer Bud


Died:  May 14, 2003, Beverly Hills, California.