Robert Ryan

Born:  November 11, 1909, Chicago, Illinois.


1940:  The Ghost Breakers, Queen of the Mob, Golden Gloves, North West Mounted Police, Texas Rangers Ride Again

1943:  Bombardier, The Sky’s The Limit, Behind The Rising Sun, The Iron Major, Gangway For Tomorrow, Tender Comrade

1944:  Marine Raiders

1947:  Trail Street, The Woman on the Beach, Crossfire  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1948:  Berlin Express, Return of the Bad Men, The Boy With Green Hair

1949:  Act of Violence, Caught, The Set-Up, The Woman on Pier 13

1950:  The Secret Fury, Born To Be Bad

1951:  Hard Fast and Beautiful, Best of the Badmen, Flying Leathernecks, The Racket, On Dangerous Ground

1952:  Clash by Night, Beware My Lovely, Horizons West

1953:  The Naked Spur, City Beneath The Sea, Inferno

1954:  Alaska Seas, About Mrs. Leslie, Her Twelve Men

1955:  Bad Day At Black Rock, Escape to Burma, House of Bamboo, The Tall Men

1956:  The Proud Ones, Back From Eternity

1957:  Men in War

1958:  Lonelyhearts, God’s Little Acre

1959:  Day of the Outlaw, Odds Against Tomorrow

1960:  Ice Palace

1961:  The Canadians, King of Kings

1962:  Billy Budd, The Longest Day

1965:  The Crooked Road, The Secret Agents, Battle of the Bulge

1966:  The Professionals

1967:  The Busy Body, The Dirty Dozen, Hour of the Gun, Custer of the West

1968:  Un Minuto per Pregare Un Istante Per Morire, Anzio

1969:  The Wild Bunch, Captain Nemo and the Underwater City

1971:  Lawman, The Love Machine

1972:  And Hope To Die

1973:  Lolly-Madonna XXX, The Outfit, Executive Action, The Iceman Cometh


Died:  July 11, 1973, New York City, New York.