Robert Montgomery

Born:  May 21, 1904, Fishkill Landing, New York.


1929:  The Single Standard, Three Live Ghosts, So This Is College, Untamed, Their Own Desire

1930:  Free and Easy, The Divorcee, The Big House, The Sins of the Children, Our Blushing Brides, Love In The Rough, War Nurse

1931:  Inspiration, The Easiest Way, Strangers May Kiss, Shipmates, The Man In Possession, Private Lives

1932:  Lovers Courageous, But The Flesh Is Weak, Letty Lynton, Blondie of the Follies, Faithless

1933:  Hell Below, Made on Broadway, When Ladies Meet, Another Language, Night Flight

1934:  Fugitive Lovers, The Mystery of Mr. X, Riptide, Hide-Out, Forsaking All Others

1935:  Biography of a Bachelor Girl, Vanessa Her Love Story, No More Ladies

1936:  Petticoat Fever, Trouble For Two, Piccadilly Jim

1937:  The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Night Must Fall  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Ever Since Eve, Live Love and Learn

1938:  The First Hundred Years, Yellow Jack, Three Loves Has Nancy

1939:  Fast and Loose

1940:  The Earl of Chicago, Haunted Honyemoon

1941:  Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Rage In Heaven, Here Comes Mr. Jordan  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Unfinished Business

1945:  They Were Expendable

1946:  Lady In The Lake

1947:  Ride The Pink Horse

1948:  The Saxon Charm, June Bride

1949:  Once More My Darling

1950:  Eye Witness

1960:  The Gallant Hours


Died:  September 27, 1981, Washington Heights, New York.