Robert Mitchum

Born:  August 6, 1917, Bridgeport, Connecticut.


1943:  The Human Comedy, Hoppy Serves A Writ, Aerial Gunner, Follow The Band, Border Patrol, Leather Burners, Colt Comrades, We’ve Never Been Licked, The Lone Star Trail, Beyond the Last Frontier, Corvette K-225, Bar 20, Doughboys In Ireland, False Colors, Minesweeper, The Dancing Masters, Cry ‘Havoc’, Riders of the Deadline, Gung Ho: The Story of Carlson’s Makin Island Raiders

1944:  Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Mr. Winkle Goes To War, When Strangers Marry, Girl Rush, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Nevada

1945:  Story of G.I. Joe  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), West of the Pecos

1946:  Till The End of Time, Undercurrent, The Locket

1947:  Pursued, Crossfire, Desire Me, Out of the Past

1948:  Rachel and the Stranger, Blood On The Moon

1949:  The Red Pony, The Big Steal, Holiday Affair

1950:  Where Danger Lives

1951:  My Forbidden Past, His Kind of Woman, The Racket

1952:  She Couldn’t Say No, Macao, One Minute to Zero, The Lusty Men

1953:  Angel Face, White Witch Doctor, Second Chance

1954:  River of No Return, Track of the Cat

1955:  Not As A Stranger, The Night of the Hunter, Man With The Gun

1956:  Foreign Intrigue, Bandido!

1957:  Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, Fire Down Below, The Enemy Below

1958:  Thunder Road, The Hunters

1959:  The Angry Hills, The Wonderful Country

1960:  Home From The Hill, The Night Fighters, The Sundowners, The Grass Is Greener

1961:  The Last Time I Saw Archie

1962:  Cape Fear, The Longest Day, Two For The Seesaw

1963:  Rampage, The List of Adrian Messenger

1964: The Winston Affair, What A Way To Go

1965:  Mister Moses

1967:  The Way West, El Dorado

1968:  Villa Rides, 5 Card Stud, Anzio, Secret Ceremony

1969:  Young Billy Young, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

1970:  Ryan’s Daughter

1971:   Going Home

1972:  The Wrath of God

1973:  The Friends of eddie Coyle

1974:  The Yakuza

1975:  Farewell My Lovely

1976:  Midway, The Last Tycoon

1977:  The Amsterdam Kill

1978:  The Big Sleep, Matilda

1979:  Breakthrough

1980:  Agency, Nightkill

1982:  That Championship Season

1984:  The Ambassador, Maria’s Lovers

1988:  Mr. North, Scrooged

1990:  Presume Dangereux, Midnight Ride

1991:  Cape Fear

1992:  Les Sept Peches Capitaux

1993:  Tombstone

1994:  Woman of Desire

1995:  Backfire!, Dead Man, The Sunset Boys

1997:  James Dean: Race With Destiny


Died:  July 1, 1997, Santa Barbara, California.