Robert Loggia

Born:  January 3, 1930, Staten Island, New York.


1956:  Somebody Up There Likes Me

1957:  The Garment Jungle

1958:  Cop hater, The Lost Missile

1963:  Guns of Wyoming

1965:  The Greatest Story Ever Told

1966:  The Three Sisters

1969:  Che!

1974:  Turn The Other Cheek

1977:  Speedtrap, First Love

1978:  Revenge of the Pink Panther

1980:  The Ninth Configuration, Piedone d’Egitto

1981:  S.O.B.

1982:  An Officer and A GentlemanTrail of the Pink Panther

1983:  Psycho II, Curse of the Pink Panther, Scarface

1985:  Prizzi’s Honour, Jagged Edge  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1986:  Armed And Dangerous, That’s Life!

1987:  Over The Top, Hot Pursuit, The Believers, Gaby: A True Story, Amazon Women on the Moon

1988:  Big, Oliver & Company

1989:  Relentless, Triumph of the Spirit

1990:  Opportunity Knocks

1991:  The Marrying ManNecessary Roughness

1992:  Gladiator, Innocent Blood, Spies Inc.

1994:  Bad Girls, The Last Tattoo, I Love Trouble

1995:  Coldblooded, Man With a Gun

1996:  Independence Day

1997:  Lost Highway, Smilla’s Sense of Snow, The Dog of Flanders

1998:  Wide Awake, The Proposition, Holy Man

1999:  The Suburbans, Flypaper, Live Virgin

2000:  Return To Me

2001:  The Shipment, All Over Again

2005:  The Deal

2006:  Funny Money, Rain, Forget About It, Wild Seven

2008:  The Boneyard Collection, The Least of These

2009:  Shrink

2010:  Harvest, Obituary of the Sun

2011:  Fake, The Grand Theft, The Great Flight, The Life Zone

2012:  Apostle Peter and the Last Supper, Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, The Diary of Preston Plummer, Margarine Wars

2013:  Real Gangsters

2014:  Snapshot, Scavenger Killers, An Evergreen christmas, The Big Fat Stone

2015:  Bleeding Hearts, No Deposit, Sicilian Vampire

2016:  Independence Day: Resurgence

2017:  Cries of the Unborn


Died:  December 4, 2015, Los Angeles, California.