Robert Forster

Born:  July 13, 1941, Rochester, New York.


1967:  Reflections In A Golden Eye

1968:  The Stalking Moon

1969:  Justine, Medium Cool

1970:  Pieces of Dreams, Cover Me Babe

1972:  Journey Through Rosebud

1973:  The Don Is Dead

1977:  Stunts

1978:  Avalanche

1979:  The Lady In Red, The Black Hole

1980:  Alligator

1981:  Heartbreak High

1983:  Vigilante

1985:  Walking The Edge

1986: The Delta Force, Hollywood Harry

1988:  Counterforce

1989:  Satan’s Princess, The Banker, Esmerelda Bay

1990:  Peacemaker

1991:  Committed, Checkered Flag, Diplomatic Immunity, 29th Street, In Between

1993:  Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence, South Beach, American Yakuza, Cover Story

1995:  Guns And Lipstick

1996:  The Method, Original Gangstas, Hindsight

1997:  American Perfekt, Jackie Brown (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor), Night Vision

1998:  Psycho, Outside Ozona

1999:  All The Rage, Family Tree, Kiss Toledo Goodbye

2000:  Supernova, The Magic of Marciano, Lakeboat, Cowboys and Angels, Me Myself and Irene, Diamond Men

2001:  Mulholland Drive, Human Nature, Finder’s Fee

2002:  Lone Hero, Strange Hearts, Like Mike

2003:  Confidence, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Grand Theft Parsons

2006:  Firewall, Lucky Number Slevin, Wild Seven

2007:  Rise: Blood Hunter, Dragon Wars: D-War, Cleaner

2008:  Expecting Love, Jack and Jill vs. the World, Touching Home

2009:  Thick As Thieves, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Middle Men

2010:  The Bannen Way, The Trial, Kalamity

2011:  Girl Walks Into A Bar, The Descendants

2012:  Hotel Noir

2013:  Somewhere Slow, Olympus Has Fallen, Coffee Kill Boss

2014:  Automata

2015:  Survivor, Too Late, The Adventures of Biffle and Shooster

2016:  London Has Fallen, The Confirmation, The American Side, Bus Driver

2017:  The Philosophy of Phil, Small Town Crime, Small Crimes, The Case For Christ, Acts of Vengeance, The Big Take