Rita Moreno

Born:  December 11, 1931, Humacao, Puerto Rico.


1950:  So Young So Bad, The Toast of New Orleans, Pagan Love Song

1952:  Singin’ In The Rain, The Fabulous Senorita, Cattle Town, The Ring

1953:  Fort Vengeance, Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation, Latin Lovers, El Alamein

1954:  Jivaro, The Yellow Tomahawk, Garden of Evil

1955:  Untamed, Seven Cities of Gold

1956:  The Lieutenant Wore Skirts, The King and I, The Vagabond King

1957:  The Deerslayer

1960:  This Rebel Breed, Operesyon Stragglers, Mga Alamat Ng Sandaigdig

1961:  West Side Story  (Oscar Winner: Best Supporting Actress), Summer And Smoke

1962:  Samar

1963:  Cry of Battle

1969:  The Night of the Following Day, Popi, Marlowe

1971:  Carnal Knowledge

1975: Shhh

1976:  The Ritz

1978:   The Boss’ Son

1980:  Happy Birthday Gemini

1981:  The Four Seasons

1991:  Age Isn’t Everything

1993:  Italian Movie

1994:  I Like It Like That

1995:  Angus

1998:  Slums of Beverly Hills

1999:  Carlo’s Wake

2000:  Blue Moon

2001:  Pinero

2003:  Casa de los Babys

2004:  King of the Corner

2006:  Play It By Ear

2014:  Rio 2, Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

2016:  Remember Me

2017:  Torch