Rinko Kikuchi

Born:  January 6, 1981, Hadano, Japan.


1999:  Ikitai

2000:  By Player

2001:  Paradise, Hole in the Sky, Drug

2004:  Tori, The Reason, The Taste of Tea, 69, Survive Style 5+

2005:  Portrait of the Wind, Funky Forest: The First Contact

2006:  Babel (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress), Arch Angels, Umi De No Hanashi

2007:  The Insects Unlisted in the Encyclopedia, Genius Party, Tokyo Serendipity

2008:  The Sky Crawlers, The Brothers Bloom, Kill

2009:  Map of the Sounds of Tokyo, Sideways, Assault Girls

2010:  Shanghai, Norwegian Wood

2011:  At River’s Edge, Love Strikes!, The Warped Forest

2013:  Pacific Rim, 47 Ronin

2014:  Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, Last Summer

2015:  Endless Night, Dear Deer

2016:  Terra Formars

2018:  Pacific Rim: Uprising