Richard Widmark

Born:  December 26, 1914, Sunrise Township, Minnesota.


1947:  Kiss of Death  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1948:  The Street With No Name, Road House, Yellow Sky

1949:  Down to the Sea In Ships, Slattery’s Hurricane

1950:  Night and the City, Panic In The Streets, No Way Out

1951:  Halls of Montezuma, The Frogmen

1952:  Red Skies of Montana, Don’t Bother to Knock, O. Henry’s Full House, My Pal Gus

1953:  Desitnation Gobi, Pickup On South Street, Take The High Ground

1954:  Hell and High Water, Garden of Evil, Broken Lance

1955:  The Cobweb, A Prize of Gold

1956:  Backlash, Run for the Sun, The Last Wagon

1957:  Saint Joan, Time Limit

1958:  The Law and Jake Wade, The Tunnel Of Love

1959:  The Trap, Warlock

1960:  The Alamo

1961:  The Secret Ways, Two Rode Together, Judgment At Nuremberg

1962:  How The West Was Won

1964:  The Long Ships, Flight From Ashiya, Cheyenne Autumn

1965:  The Bedford Incident

1966:  Alvarez Kelly

1967:  The Way West

1968:  Madigan

1969:  Death of a Gunfighter, A Talent For Loving

1970:  The Moonshine War

1972:  When The Legends die

1974:  Murder On The Orient Express

1976:  To The Devil A Daughter, The Sell-Out

1977:  Twilight’s Last Gleaming, The Domino Killings, Rollercoaster

1978:  Coma, The Swarm

1979:  Bear Island

1982:  Movie Madness, Hanky Panky, The Final Option

1984:  Against All Odds

1991:  True Colors


Died:  March 24, 2008, Roxbury, Connecticut.