Richard Jaeckel

Born:  October 10, 1926, Long Beach, New York.


1943:  Guadalcanal Diary

1944:  Wing and a Prayer

1948:  Jungle Patrol

1949:  City Across The River, Battleground, Sands of Iwo Jima

1950:  The Gunfighter, Wyoming Mail

1951:  Fighting Coast Guard, The Sea Hornet

1952:  Hoodlum Empire, My Son John, Come Back Little Sheba

1953:  Big Leaguer, Sea of Lost Ships

1954:  The Shanghai Story, Rough Company

1955:  Apache Ambush

1956:  Attack

1957:  3:10 To Yuma

1958:  Cowboy, The Lineup, The Naked and the Dead, The Gun Runners, When Hell Broke Loose

1960:  Platinum High School, The Gallant Hours, Flaming Star

1961:  Town Without Pity

1963:  The Young and the Brave, 4 For Texas

1965:  Nightmare In The Sun, Town Tamer

1966:  Once Before I Die

1967:  The Dirty Dozen

1968:  The Devil’s Brigade, The Green Slime

1969:  Latitude Zero, Stoney

1970:  Chisum, Sometimes a Great Notion  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1972:  Ulzana’s Raid

1973:  Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, The Outfit

1974:  Chosen Survivors

1975:  The Drowning Pool, Walking Tall Part II, The Kill

1976:  Grizzly, Mako: The Jaws of Death

1977:  Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Day of the Animals, Speedtrap

1978:  The Amazing Mr. No Legs

1979:  The Dark, Pacific Inferno, Delta Fox

1980:  Herbie Goes Bananas

1981:  The California Dolls

1982:  Cold River, Blood Song, Airplane II: The Sequel

1984:  Killing Machine, Starman

1985:  The Fix

1986:  Black Moon Rising

1989:  Ghetto Blaster

1990:  Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection, The King of the Kickboxers


Died:  June 14, 1997, Woodland Hills, California.