Richard Farnsworth

Born:  September 1, 1920, Los Angeles, California


1937:  A Day At The Races

1938:  The Adventures of Marco Polo

1939:  Gunga Din, Gone With The Wind

1943:  This Is The Army

1948:  Red River, The Paleface

1949:  Mighty Joe Young

1950:  The Flame and the Arrow

1953:  Arena, Arrowhead, The Wild One

1955:  The Violent Men, A Lawless Street

1956:  The Ten Commandments

1957:  The Tin Star, The Hard Man

1960:  Spartacus

1966:  Duel At Diablo, Texas Across The River

1968:  The Stalking Moon

1969:  Paint Your Wagon

1970:  Monte Walsh

1971:  Skin Game

1972:  The Cowboys, Pocket Money, Ulzana’s Raid, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

1973:  The Soul of Nigger Charley

1973:  Papillon

1974:  Blazing Saddles

1975:  The Apple Dumpling Gang

1976:  The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, The Outlaw Josey Wales

1977:  Another Man Another Chance

1978:  Comes A Horseman (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1980:  Tom Horn, Ruckus, Resurrection

1981:  The Legend of the Lone Ranger

1982:  The Grey Fox, Waltz Across Texas

1983:  Independence Day

1984:  The Natural, Rhinestone

1985:  Into The Night, Sylvester, Space Rage

1988:  The River Pirates

1990:  The Two Jakes, Misery, Havana

1991:  Highway To Hell

1994:  The Getaway, Lassie

1999:  The Straight Story  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)


Died:   October 6, 2000, Lincoln, New Mexico.