Richard Dreyfuss

Born:  October 29, 1947, Brooklyn, New York.


1967:  Valley of the Dolls, The Graduate

1968:  The Young Runaways

1969:  Hello Down There

1973:  Dillinger, American Graffiti

1974:  The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The Second Coming of Suzanne

1975:  Inserts, Jaws

1977:  The Sentinel, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor)

1978:  The Big Fix

1980:  The Competition

1981:  Whose Life Is It Anyway?

1984:  The Buddy System

1986:  Down and Out In Beverly Hills, Stand By Me

1987:  Tin Men, Stakeout, Nuts

1988:  Moon Over Parador

1989:  Let It Ride, Always

1990:  Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Postcards From The Edge

1991:  Once Around, What About Bob?

1993:  Lost In Yonkers, Another Stakeout

1994:  Silent Fall

1995:  The Last Word, The American President, Mr. Holland’s Opus  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1996:  James and The Giant Peach, Night Falls On Manhattan, Mad Dog Time

1998:  Krippendorf’s Tribe

2000:  The Crew

2001:  The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, Who Is Cletis Tout

2004:  Silver City

2006:  Poseidon

2008:  W.

2009:  My Life In Ruins, Leaves of Grass, The Lightkeepers

2010:  Piranha 3D, RED

2013:  Very Good Girls, Paranoia, Cas & Dylan

2015:  Zipper

2018:  Book Club