Richard Barthelmess

Born:  May 9, 1895, New York City, New York.


1916:  Gloria’s Romance, War Brides, Snow White, Just A Song At Twilight

1917:  The Moral Code, The Eternal Sin, The Valentine Girl, The Soul of a Magdalen, The Streets of Illusion, Camille, Bab’s Diary, Bab’s Burglar, Nearly Married, For Valour, The Seven Swans

1918:  Sunshine Nan, Rich Man Poor Man, Hit The Trail Holliday, Wild Primrose, The Hope Chest

1919:  Boots, The Girl Who Stayed At Home, Three Men and a Girl, Peppy Polly, Broken Blossoms, I’ll Get Him Yet, Scarlet Days

1920:  The Idol Dancer, The Love Flower, Way Down East

1921:  Experience, Tol’able David

1922:  The Seventh Day, Sonny, The Bond Boy

1923:  Fury, The Bright Shawl, The Fighting Blade, Twenty-One

1924:  The Enchanted Cottage, Classmates

1925:  New Toys, Soul-Fire, Shore Leave, The Beautiful City

1926:  Just Suppose, Ranson’s Folly, The Amateur Gentleman, The White Black Sheep

1927:  The Patent Leather Kid  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The Drop Kick

1928:  The Noose  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come, Wheel of Chance, Out of the Ruins, Scarlet Seas

1929:  Weary River, Drag, Young Nowheres, The Show of Shows

1930:  Son of the Gods, The Dawn Patrol, The Lash

1931:  The Finger Points, The Last Flight

1932:  Alias The Doctor, The Cabin in the Cotton

1933:  Central Airport, Heroes For Sale

1934:  Massacre, A Modern Hero, Midnight Alibi

1935:  Four Hours To Kill

1936:  Spy of Napoleon

1939:  Only Angels Have Wings

1940:  The Man Who Talked Too Much

1942:  The Spoilers, The Mayor of 44th Street


Died:  August 17, 1963, Southampton, New York.