Ray Milland

Born:  January 3, 1907, Neath, Wales.


1928:  Moulin Rouge

1929:  Piccadilly, The Lady From The Sea, The Flying Scotsman, The Playing, The Informer

1930:  Way For A Sailor, Passion Flower

1931:  The Bachelor Father, Strangers May Kiss, Just A Gigolo, Bought!, Ambassador Bill, Blonde Crazy

1932:  The Man Who Played God, Polly of the Circus, But The Flesh Is Weak, Payment Deferred

1933:  This Is The Life

1934:  Bolero, We’re Not Dressing, Orders Is Orders, Many Happy Returns, Charlie Chan In London, Menace, One Hour Late

1935:  The Gilded Lily, Four Hours To Kill!, Alias Mary Dow, The Glass Key

1936:  Next Time We Love, The Return of Sophie Lang, The Big Broadcast Of 1937, Three Smart Girls, The Jungle Princess

1937:  Bulldog Drummond Escapes, Wings Over Honolulu, Easy Living, Ebb Tide, Wise Girl

1938:  Her Jungle Love, Tropic Holiday, Men With Wings, Say It In French

1939:  Hotel Imperial, Beau Geste, Everything Happens At Night

1940:  French Without Tears, Irene, The Doctor Takes A Wife, Untamed, Arise My Love

1941:  I Wanted Wings, Skylark, Sullivan’s Travels

1942:  The Lady Has Plans, Reap The Wild Wind, Are Husbands Necessary, The Major and the Minor, Star Spangled Rhythm

1943:  Forever And a Day, The Crystal Ball

1944:  Lady In The Dark, The Uninvited, Till We Meet Again, Ministry of Fear

1945:  The Lost Weekend  (Oscar Winner: Best Actor), Kitty

1946:  The Well-Groomed Bride

1947:  Califronia, The Imperfect Lady, The Trouble With Women, Golden Earrings

1948:  So Evil My Love, The Big Clock, Sealed Verdict, Miss Tatlock’s Millions

1949:  Alias Nick Beal, It Happens Every Spring

1950:  A Woman of Distinction, A Life Of Her Own, Copper Canyon

1951:  Circle of Danger, Night Into Morning, Rhubarb, Close To My Heart

1952:  Bugles In The Afternoon, Something To Live For, The Thief

1953:  Jamaica Run, Let’s Do It Again

1954:  Dial M For Murder

1955:  The Girl In The Red Velvet Swing, A Man Alone

1956:  Lisbon, Three Brave Men

1957:  The River’s Edge, High Flight

1958:  The Safecracker

1961:  King of Kings

1962:  Premature Burial, Panic In Year Zero!

1963:  X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes

1964:  Quick Let’s Get Married

1968:  Hostile Witness

1970:  Love Story

1972:  Embassy, Frogs, The Thing With Two Heads

1973:  The House In NIghtmarePark, The Big game, Terror In The Wax Museum

1974:  The Student Connection, Gold

1975:  Escape to Witch Mountain

1976:  The Swiss Conspiracy, Aces High, The Last Tycoon

1977:  Oil, The Uncanny, The Pajama Girl Case

1978:  Slavers, Blackout, Battlestar Galactica, Oliver’s Story

1979:  Spree, Game For Vultures

1980:  The Attic

1985:  The Sea Serpent


Died:  March 10, 1986, Torrance, California.