Ralph Bellamy

Born:  June 17, 1904, Chicago, Illinois.


1931:  The Secret 6, The Magnificent Lie, West of Broadway, Surrender

1932:  Forbidden, Disorderly Conduct, Young America, The Woman In Room 13, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Almost Married, Wild Girl, Air Mail

1933:  Second Hand Wife, Parole Girl, Below The Sea, Destination Unknown, Picture Snatcher, The Narrow Corner, Flying Devils, Headline Shooter, Blind Adventure, Ace of Aces, Ever In My Heart, Before Midnight

1934:  Spitfire, Once To Every Woman, This Man Is Mine, The Crime of Helen Stanley, One Is Guilty, Girl In Danger, Woman In the Dark

1935:  Helldorado, Rendezvous At Midnight, Gigolette, The Wedding Night, Eight Bells, Air Hawks, The Healer, Navy Wife, Hands Across The Table

1936:  Dangerous Intrigue, Roaming Lady, The Final Hour, Straight From The Shoulder, The Man Who Lived Twice, Wild Brian Kent, Counterfeit Lady

1937:  Let’s Get Married, It Can’t Last Forever, The Awful Truth (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actor)

1938:  The Crime of Doctor Hallet, Fools For Scandal, Boy Meets Girl, Carefree, Girls’ School, Trade Winds, Smashing The Spy Ring

1939:  Let Us Live, Blind Alley, Coast Guard

1940:  His Girl Friday, Flight Angels, Brother Orchid, Queen of the Mob, Dance Girl Dance, Public Deb No. 1, Meet The Wildcat, Ellery Queen Master Detective

1941:  Footsteps In The Dark, Ellery Queen’s Penthouse Mystery, Affectionately Yours, Dive Bomber, Ellery Queen and the Perfect Crime, Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring, The Wolf Man

1942:  The Ghost of Frankenstein, Lady In A Jam, Men of Texas, The Great Impersonation

1943:  Stage Door Canteen

1944:  Guest In The House

1945:  Lady On A Train, Delightfully Dangerous

1955:  The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell

1960:  Sunrise At Campobello

1966:  The Professionals

1968:  Rosemary’s Baby

1971:  Doctors’ Wives

1972:  Cancel My Reservation

1977:  Oh God

1983:  Trading Places

1987:  Disorderlies, Amazon Women on the Moon

1988:  Coming to America, The Good Mother

1990:  Pretty Woman


Died:  November 29, 1991, Santa Monica, California.