Rachel Griffiths

Born:  December 18, 1968, Melbourne, Australia.


1994:  Muriel’s Wedding

1996:  Cosi, Children of the Revolution, Jude, To Have & To Hold

1997:  Welcome To Woop Woop, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Amy, My Son The Fanatic

1998:  Among Giants, Divorcing Jack, Hilary and Jackie (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1999:  Me Myself I

2001:  Blow Dry, Blow, Very Annie Mary

2002:  The Rookie, The Hard Word

2003:  Ned Kelly

2006:  Step Up

2009:  Beautiful Kate

2011:  Burning Man

2012:  Underground: The Julian Assange Story

2013:  Patrick, Saving Mr. Banks

2016:  Mammal, Hacksaw Ridge, Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child

2017:  Don’t Tell