Peter Sellers

Born:  September 8, 1925, Southsea, England.


1950:  The Black Rose

1951:  Ca C’est Du Cinema, Penny Points To Paradise

1952:  Down Among The Z Men

1953:  Beat The Devil, The Adventures of Sadie

1954:  Orders Are Orders

1955:  John and Julie, The Ladykillers

1956:  The Man Who Never Was

1957:  Big Time Operators, Your Past Is Showing

1958:  Up The Creek, Tom Thumb

1959:  Man In a Cocked Hot, The Mouse That Roared, I’m All Right Jack

1960:  Two Way Stretch, The Battle of the Sexes, Never Let Go, The Millionairess

1961:  I Like Money

1962:  Only Two Can Play, Waltz of the Toreadors, The Road to Hong Kong, Lolita, Trial and Error

1963:  The Wrong Arm of the Law, Heavens Above!, The Pink Panther

1964:  Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), The World of Henry Orient, A Shot In The Dark

1965:  What’s New Pussycat

1966:  The Wrong Box, After The Fox

1967:  The Bobo, Casino Royale, Woman Times Seven

1968:  The Party, I Love You Alice B. Toklas

1969:  The Magic Christian

1970:  Hoffman, There’s A Girl In My Soup

1972:  Where Does It Hurt, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, A Day At The Beach

1973:  The Blockhouse, The Optimists of Nine Elms, Ghost In The Noonday Sun

1974:  Undercovers Hero

1975:  The Great McGonagall, The Return of the Pink Panther

1976:  Murder By Death, The Pink Panther Strikes Again

1978:  Revenge of the Pink Panther

1979:  The Prisoner of Zenda, Being There  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor)

1980:  The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu


Died:  July 24, 1980, Lambeth, England.