Paulette Goddard

Born:  June 3, 1910, Whitestone Landing, New York.


1929:  The Locked Door

1930:  Whoopee!

1931:  City Streets, The Girl Habit, Palmy Days

1932:  Ladies of the Big House, The Mouthpiece, Pack Up Your Troubles, The Kid From Spain

1933:  The Bowery, Roman Scandals

1934:  Kid Millions

1936:  Modern Times, The Bohemian Girl

1938:  The Young In Heart

1939:  Dramatic School, The Women, The Cat and the Canary

1940:  The Ghost Breakers, The Great Dictator, North West Mounted Police

1941:  Second Chorus, Pot O’Gold, Hold Back The Dawn, Nothing But the Truth

1942:  The Lady Has Plans, Reap The Wild Wind, The Forest Rangers

1943:  Star Spangled Rhythm, The Crystal Ball, So Proudly We Hail  (Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress)

1944:  Standing Room Only, I Love A Soldier

1945:  Duffy’s Tavern, Kitty

1946:  The Diary of a Chambermaid

1947:  Suddenly It’s Spring, Unconquered, An Ideal Husband

1948:  On Our Merry Way, Hazard

1949:  Brideo f Vengeance, Anna Lucasta

1950:  The Torch

1952:  Muchachas de Bagdad

1953:  Babes in Bagdad, Vice Squad, Sins Of Jezebel, Paris MOdel

1954:  Charge of the Lancers, The Unholy Four

1964:  Time of Indifference


Died:  April 23, 1990, Ronco, Switzerland.