Paul Winfield

Born:  May 22, 1939, Los Angeles, California.


1967:  The Perils of Pauline, Who’s Minding The Mint?

1969:  The Lost Man

1970:  R.P.M.

1971:  Brother John

1972:  Sounder  (Oscar Nomination: Best Actor), Trouble Man

1973:  Gordon’s War

1974:  Conrack, Huckleberry Finn

1975:  Hustle

1976:  High Velocity

1977:  Twilight’s Last Gleaming, The Greatest, Damnation Alley

1978:  A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But A Sandwich

1981:  Carbon Copy

1982:  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, White Dog

1983:  On The Run

1984:  Go Tell It On The Mountain, Mike’s Murder, The Terminator

1986:  Blue City

1987:  Death Before Dishonour, Big Shots

1988:  The Serpent and the Rainbow

1990:  Presumed Innocent

1993:  Cliffhanger, Dennis The Menace

1994:  The Killing Jar

1995:  In The Kingdom of the Blind The Man With One Eye Is King, In The Flesh

1996:  Original Gangstas, Mars Attacks!, The Legend of Gator Face, Dead of Night

1997:  Strategic Command

1998:  Relax It’s Just Sex, Assignment Berlin

1999:  Catfish In Black Bean Sauce

2000:  Knockout

2001:  Vegas City of Dreams

2002:  Second To Die


Died:  March 7, 2004, Los Angeles, California.